Item 01: Walter V. Wright diary, 27 October 1915-11 February 1916 - Page 33

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another 5 attempts to reach the perfect article he handed me a note with a heavy sigh, I sighed in sympathy and made a graceful exit. Poor old Capt I think he ought to have medical attention or put under gentle coated with light diet:

25/12/15 Xmas day . Am not doing too bad considering all things had a fair dinner Roast Beef Potatoes and topped up with a slice of pudding just about the best Ive had I think. Still lying in Lemnos harbour but I think we sail this evening for destination unknown.

26/12/15 Boxing day . At Sea. Putting in time at submarine practice etc. the tin fish are fairly attentive round these parts I believe.
We were to have had a bottle of beer yesterday but an old wouser of a general we have on board vetoed the arrangement.

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