Item 01: Walter V. Wright diary, 27 October 1915-11 February 1916 - Page 25

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finished condenser to blazes and now we cant get water. I thawed some muddy ice to do me yesterday and xmas will soon be here I wish the parcel from home was here and that there is something to eat in it

4/12/15 Went down to the beach got 4 tins sardines at 1/3 per small tin and 6 milk at 2/0 Jove I had a feed had the lot of sardines at one sitting finished up in fine style with a tin of milk

Abdul been very busy with his big guns I wish he'd chuck it
Smokes all gone reduced to looking for bumpers

6/12/15 Tobacco issue day result 1 pkt cigs and 6 matches for a week . Problem how the hell are we going to do it that's what the corp said at dinner time when they sent up enough meat to do 4 men for one meal and expected it to do 29 of our platoon. I said make it 28 corp I wont dirty my dixie.
Oh she was a winner.
Ive just smashed some biscuit and boiled them added "some chase me Charlie" cheese bumped a slight sensation of jam in it stewed the lot and shot it down my throat

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