Item 03: Walter V. Wright diary, 7 September 1916-23 March 1917 - Page 44

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[Page 44]

Two million Beer Wasps die;
Shackleton has met his fate;
The Bulgars fly on Bikes;
The Kaiser runs a "two-up" school
Dutchmen flood their dykes

The King is now in New South Wales
And says he's gong to stay;
Zeppelins bomb a few more babes;
Yanks are making hay.
And this goes on for ever,
And seldom is it true,
But I know for a blankey cert
That Tomorrow we'll have stew

Many a ship's been lost at sea
For want of a skilfull Master.
Many a Tommy has lost his tart
Cause Anzac's Proved the faster.

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