Item 02: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 21 March-3 September 1915 - Page 114

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[Page 114]

reported 16,000 reinforcements (mostly Australians) landed to day a couple of mile south of us. I suppose that accounts for the warships fire. About sundown to-day we witnessed the most interesting fight I have seen. One of our torpedo-boats (a cheeky little beggar) came in close to shore & opened fire at something on land; big shells immediately began to fall all around her, the Torpedo boat would stay still for a few seconds & then go full steam ahead for a few hundred yards then she would zig-zag, then stop then back away, then full speed ahead again, firing all the time & the Turks shells would follow her up falling were where she had been a second or so before; & although the splash from the shells often fell on the boat none of the shells hit; one of the Turks shells would have been quite sufficient to sink her, warned to go on sapping at midnight.

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