Item 05: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 19 March-15 August 1916 - Page 61

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Tue 16th
Reveille at 5 fed & groomed the horses then breakfast; Led the horses out for exercise (riding one & leading one) & watering them coming back; No letters are being sent away from here for a fortnight; The officers mess is the coolest spot about here & it was 117° in the shade today
One of the camels went down to it at the water trough today, we thought the heat was the cause but heard the native in charge had the camel set & gave it a drink of salt water at one of the lakes

Wed 17th
Usual routine of work, packed Sig gear ready for the track this morning & got two leather cases for pack saddle from Sgt. Clancy; One man to two horses going to water this afternoon as usual, & the remainder pulled the tents down

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