Item 05: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 19 March-15 August 1916 - Page 56

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is being pushed forward as fast as possible Troops are out in front of the line keeping back any Turks, & here a whole squadron of Yeomanry were captured by Turks a few days ago
The 2nd Bde of Aus Light Horse are now out there, their rations are taken to them from the end of the line by Camel Transport; The report we got a Hassan Pasha that the 5th L.H. has been cut up was not correct;

This afternoon all C. Sqd was marched through the sand to where the camp is & were set to work putting up horses lines & as soon as the horse lines were up they decided to leave the horses here in the shade, so the horse lines were pulled up again & tents pitched & we now have have our meals about half a mile from our horses, & have to walk through soft sand well cut up with transports to feed & water the horses, but it will harden us up

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