Item 05: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 19 March-15 August 1916 - Page 39

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thought he was a bit premature as we then had stables to do before dinner but found it was only the soup plates & bowls; The dinner turned up at 1 oclock sharp, & everyone of us agreed that it was the best dinner we have had since leaving Australia every thing was spotlessly clean & the dinner was cooked lovely & composed of soup, 4 turkeys, & potatoes, & boiled rice & tinned pineapples;

The dinner partly consisted of Dowling, Butter, Cameron, McFarlane Trickett, Smither, Mikhail Hanna (interpreter) & myself, we finished off 3 turkeys & a drumstick of the fourth & was too full to do anything but lay about in the tent for the rest of the afternoon; The dinner cost 120 PT so we gave Abdul Moolah 40 PT more (20 bakshush) for the cooking & work, lemonade, fruit & beer brought it up to 200 PT; We were much surprised at the way the dinner

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