Item 06: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 16 August-22 November 1916 - Page 36

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Fri 8th
Received our passes this morning & rode to Mahomedah. the train left at 9.30 & we got to Port Said soon after midday, had lunch at the Continental then took a walk down to the Empire Club, & tea, bread, Butter & Cakes here, & at sundown walked out along the breakwater, put in half an hour yarning to some old gentleman fishing there & got back just in time for the finish of a game of water polo played by two teams off the French cruiser Porthieu, & got back to the picture show just in time for the 6.30 to 9 performance, but it was rather stale to me as I had seen them a few nights ago & the same pictures were being screened, got to bed at the Continental at 9.30

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