Item 06: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 16 August-22 November 1916 - Page 18

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Fri 25th
Feeling off color again this morning but was not bad long. A swimming party went to Mahomediah again today. A young Catholic Padre turned up here a day or two & occasionally drops on for a chat. Maj Granvilles promotion to Temp. Lieut Col. came out in orders today. It is Capt Whites birthday today & some officers from the 6th & 7th Regts have come over tonight & are celebrating it, & by the noise they are making they must be having a good time; some of our lads have full Scottish uniforms packed away now; the two Jeffreys went away to a Scottish Camp to look for beer, & got too drunk to come home, but they turned up tonight OK.

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