Item 06: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 16 August-22 November 1916 - Page 46

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Fri 15th
A shower of stars fell on this Regt this morning as Johnny Keegan, McKeown, Hordern, Guthrie, Gray & Sutherland from Bde Head Qrs came out in orders & are going out on this stunt in charge of Troops. McKeown is Q.M. Sutherland came over from Bde this evening to take charge of the Sigs; the Regt formed up at 6 P.M. & moved off at 6.30

Sat 16th
We travelled all last night & arrived at Bir-El-Abd soon after daylight this morning. unsaddled, fed & watered our horses had breakfast & commenced to make ourselves comfortable for a morning sleep but was not

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