Item 06: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 16 August-22 November 1916 - Page 39

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Sun 10th
Rose this morning at 5.30 & had a feed of ham & eggs & caught the train at 7 oclock back to Camp. we had only got half way back when on account of a high sea running we found several hundred yards of the line was covered with sand & the water running over the line; while a working party was building the line up we undressed & had a very enjoyable dip in the surf, we had to run back a mile onto a loop to allow the train bringing the men on leave to pass us, it was 2.30 before we got to Mahamadiar & 4 oclock when we got back to Camp;
Leave in the 2nd Bde has stopped from today & they go out to Bir-El-Abd tomorrow to do patrol work

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