Item 08: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 19 January-28 April 1917 - Page 55

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place of a hat; (2) For being in Cairo without a pass; & then asked me if I had anything to say.I told him I had no hat respectable enough to wear in town & bought a cap; & that I did not apply for a pass during the morning as I had no intention of going to town but two Sergts of the Regt came out at midday & Harris & I decided to go in with them & that we were arrested at 3 oclock & put in till 8.30 in the guard room; The Adj. told me I should have paraded for a special pass at dinner, & said the case was dismissed. Harris followed the Adj. asked him a few questions & also dismissed him. I sent a message to Jessie saying we got off Scot free & would probably see her next Wednesday

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