Item 08: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 19 January-28 April 1917 - Page 30

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Fri 16th
Brig.Gen. Meredith showed up here this morning we were formed up in hollow Square while he gave us some kid stakes for the work we have done. & said he only hopes the 4th Bde will prove themselves as good as the 1st; He also said that things in Australia are rotten & cold feet can be had by the bushel; We gave him 3 cheers when he was leaving; Sutherland said that Meredith told him that Jimmy Traill is in charge of the 4th Bde Sig Troop & that Meredith was not consulted in the matter. So things are likely to remain as they are; Capt Wordsworth went back with Meredith to Abd today he is getting the 4th Bde Machine gun Squadron. Some of the lads were

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