Item 08: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 19 January-28 April 1917 - Page 61

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& Hills waiting in a gharry. Harris could not get away tonight, but Jessie, Hills & High met me at the camp at 7.30 (after lamp parade) in a car, we went to the National for dinner. then went for a spin to the pyramids & Maadi they then came back & dropped me at Zeitoun at 11.30, before going to the 14th (no pass)

Sat 10th
Had a Theory test this morning I hurried through it & got ready to go out but could not get a pass till 2 oclock. Harris & I got to Heliopolis & was abut to board a tram when we noticed; Jessie Hills & High drive up in a car, we went to the Nurses Club & ordered dinner for 6 oclock & then went for a

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