Item 08: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 19 January-28 April 1917 - Page 122

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Thurs 19th
Were moved out in a hurry at 8.30 last night & formed up East of the Wadi, had a slow monotonous trip halting for long rests every hour, I managed to get a fair amount of sleep as the night was fairly warm, at 4.30 this morning we arrived at Irk & found a Tommy Bde (22nd) had taken over our post; The 1st Regt had pride of place with C. Sqdn leading the way, leaving a Wadi at Irk at 6.30 C Sqdn galloped two miles & took up a position on a ridge under shell fire but only lost one pack horse from shrapnel. They had a good position behind an old mud

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