Item 03: Walter Bruce Rainsford diary, 1 January 1916-31 December 1916 - Page 58

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with it islands & fine shoal of water. The church is a fine big building (Roman Catholic) and very pretty inside – surmounted by a colossal bronze statue 30ft in height glittering in the sunshine. Came down the hill in the electric lift (84 mètres) which has been constructed for the purpose. Took a tram round to the Corniche and went into the "Bains de Catalans" for a swim. The baths are built on the continental style with a big open front set with tables & chairs for afternoon tea in your dressing gown – after coming out of the water. Mixed bathing of course. The French don't go in much for swimming – they are poor swimmers & most just splash about in the water.
Monday 12" June:-
Yesterday afternoon (Sunday) I went for a ride in the tram out to La Barasse..

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