Item 04: Walter Bruce Rainsford diary, 3 January 1917-31 December 1917 - Page 80

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fighters, superior to the English in my estimation. The average Englishman is apt to look down on the French soldier, probably because he knows so little aabout him.

Our Ambulance is at present split up into several sections. A Section complete is over near Estaires somewhere with the Brigade, B Sect tent sub-div is attached to 3rd Canadian C.C.S., & C Sect tent to 17th Brit. C.C.S., while the bearer sub-divs of B & C Sects are over near Reninghelst? I don't yet know the exact number of casualties during the recent stunts but I believe we lost between 70 & 80 killed, wounded & gassed. No less than 3 Dist. Con. Medals & 13 Mil. Medals were awarded to 14th Field Amb.

Thursday 8th Nov 1917 (7 pm):-

On Tuesday evening went into Poperinghe & saw the "Duds" – an English military concert party. The costumes & items were good & the big extemporary theatre was well filled. One forgot for the time that he was anywhere near the line and in range of German big guns. Poperinghe has been bombed & shelled on numerous

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