Item 04: Walter Bruce Rainsford diary, 3 January 1917-31 December 1917 - Page 60

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out simultaneously each night, a number of deaths & an amount of damage resulting from each. In addition to the aerial torpedoes & bombs there were also dropped into the town boxes of poisoned chocolates, cakes containing infectious germs & imitation English lead pencils of an explosive nature.

At Marquise, a big village about 11 kiloms. from Boulogne in the direction of Calais a bomb killed 39 German prisoners & wounded 43 other boches, not bad! The anti-aircraft guns put up continuous barrages but only one machine was brought down as far as I know (others have since been brought down). We are at present situated about 13 kiloms. from St Omer & 9 from Hazebrouck and I had a good view of the searchlights & flashes from bursting shrapnel. The roar from exploding bombs & anti-aircraft barrage fire was continuous for hours. Several taubes passed over us – we knew them by the sound of the engines. The boches didn't bother much about villages, scattered farmhouses & open country. The days have been fine & sunny lately, and odd German machines keep coming over – taking advantage of the fine weather.

The Australian batteries of Artillery have been in the line for some weeks past in the vicinity of

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