Item 05: Walter Bruce Rainsford diary, 1 January-31 December 1918 - Page 56

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the houses. Just outside a village the busses came to a halt and the troops formed up in nearby fields, trampling underfoot the young crops coming up in early spring. We marched along the slushy road through drizzling rain into the village (Daours – pronounced Door) where the column was halted for a "light luncheon" of tea & bully beef. The place was full of troops; there were practically no civilians left – they had cleared out at a moment's notice. At the next village, Aubigny, 2 kiloms. further on and 14 from Amiens, we went into billets in a big farm. I turned in in the loft of a barn, the floor of which was covered with newly threshed wheat. At 4 a.m. we were turned out and C Section went up to an Advanced Dressed Station, sending out its bearers, while the other two Sections had to stand to. It is now 4 p.m. and

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