Item 05: Walter Bruce Rainsford diary, 1 January-31 December 1918 - Page 97

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Thursday 20 June
Our sector is very quiet except for occasional outbursts of shelling. So far he has left us alone probably because there are no big guns close to the dressing station which is on the right side of the road running to the village of Bonnay and consists of dugouts & tents sunk into the ground. We are at the head of a long valley which winds forward in the direction of fritz's line and we stand and watch the shells bursting further up this valley round our Advanced A.D.S., along the ridge in front as well as in & near the villages on our left & right. The soft "plop" made by some show them to be gas shells.
About a kilom. from our A.D.S. is a great bomb or aerial torpedo hole, the biggest I have yet seen. It is 16 feet deep and 40 feet across and close to a reserve trench into which

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