Item 02: John Duncan McRae diary, 11 December 1916-9 February 1917 - Page 64

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hill-tops to the water's edge. The anchorage at Sierra Leone consists of a wide bay, protected on one side by a long projecting Cape and on the other by a low-lying island, while reefs protect the place from the direct fury of the ocean. However, the seas around this part of the world seemed so calm that we harbour [indecipherable] was needed at all. could have dispensed with harbours altogether, as indeed we had done at St. Helena. We were about 800 yards from the main township and from that distance Freetown presented quite a picturesque aspect. The buildings all appeared new and modern, and being mostly white or light-coloured, contrasted well against the dark green of the background. The whole seemed neat & tidy, but is was said that in reality the place was none too clean. However we could only see its good points and from our vantage point failed to discern anything that could detract from its beauty. The population is almost entirely black, the natives being of the same race as the American Slaves. I believe I heard that

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