Item 03: John Duncan McRae diary, 10 February-6 May 1917 - Page 73

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most likely follow me in a week or so. Les Dimond is going with this draught.

In a week or so I expect there will be "dirty work at the cross-roads", and as Tagore says, the old man may not return from the crossing, since he does not know whom he may meet on the way. However, whatever is in store for us, we are all very eager to join our Battalion, and to lend them a hand in their work, and under these circumstances, you may well imagine how glad we are to be getting out of our 'Rollestone' home.

Twenty-five men are on the "draught" from our Company (ie 19th Battn.), & 250 from the Brigade.

April 23

We were put through a little bayonet-fighting this morning, just by way of a final 'brush-iup' before leaving "Rollestone". A dental & medical inspection & the preparation of our equipment occupied the rest of the day. A new blanket & a leather-vest were added to our service issue to-day.

April 24

We were thoroughly inspected & reviewed

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