Item 04: John Duncan McRae diary, 6 May-18 September 1917 - Page 28

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Mademoiselle Irma-Marie received my next visit, and we enjoyed one another's chatter for a couple of hours. While there I was one more reminded that there is a war on. A neighbour came running through Irma's house & across the street in a great flurry. The two letters in her hand suggested the cause of her haste & Irma showed me the photos of her two sons, both of whom were at the Front.

In the evening I went on to Rainneville, and returned home through St. Gratien.

May. 24
Mounted guard at 9.30 today.

May 25. I was granted leave for this afternoon, and so cleaned myself up after changing guard at 9.30 and took to the road by 11 o'clock. I intended going as far as Petit Cardonnette & only had a pass for that distance. On the road, however, I

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