Item 03: Gordon Macrae diary, 20 January 1917-18 April 1918 - Page 13

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February 1917
2 Divisions formed, to be called the 1st Imperial Mounted Division & the 2nd. Our Brigade is in the 1st Division & we have one English Yeomanry Bgde with us. The 2nd Division consists of ½ Australian L Horse & the other half Yeomanry. The reason I think is that they can divide the work better so that one cant boast over the other. The Anzacs previously had nearly all the work, honor & glory & even the natives were beginning to compare the Yeomanry & Light Horse & such native expressions as Australia good ! English no good ! We are all sorry to lose our name, but we will still be on the job & it might make things easier

At night a concert was held. The 2nd & 3rd Bgdes & some Welsh Engineers contributing the program which was very good. Both Brigadiers were present & Genl Royston, who is now the idol of the Australians, got a great reception. It was very funny when they got on to the platform & hopped round together both of them being very big men. They both gave

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