Item 03: Gordon Macrae diary, 20 January 1917-18 April 1918 - Page 60

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July 1917
but they paid very little & we hardly got our expenses out of it. However we were very satisfied & the girls enjoyed themselves immensely. After dinner Sergeant Long came round & took us to an English friend's place where we had a quiet evening. I was terribly tired & managed to go to sleep on the sofa so also did Gurney, so we apologised & explained & went to the Hotel to bed. On Monday morning the others went away. I went down to the beach & spent most of the day there with the girls, also the next day right up till the time I had to catch the 3.30 train back to Ismailia. It was hard breaking away. Got back to camp about 9.30 pm. We sent a big batch of reinforcements out to the Regt at midnight 37 altogether, which leaves us little more than 50 here in the camp hardly enough to carry on with.

Wednesday 18th
Must have caught a chill on the train last night because this morning I was aching all over & felt terribly tired & dopey. It was a strain to get out of bed. Later in the afternoon I felt better & after tea went to see the

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