Item 03: Gordon Macrae diary, 20 January 1917-18 April 1918 - Page 58

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July 1917
had afternoon tea there, took some photos & had a stroll round through the pretty gardens. We got afternoon tea out there Stayed till nearly 6.30 & then drove back to the National Hotel where had dinner & afterwards a chat in the garden lounge. Next day we put in very quietly but managed to get terribly tired all the same. Met Joe Nevitt & Leo Johnston up on leave from the Regt & arranged with them for a box at the Kursaal.

Had a sleep in the afternoon & it was badly needed. Didn't like getting up out of bed, but it seemed like wasting good leave so we got on the move again. The play was all in Italian, so we didn't understand a word. However we managed to get a little fun, principally through Joe Nevitt who used to laugh always at the wrong place. We also decorated the artistes with flowers much to the amusement of the audience. Did not stay till the finish of the show, but saw Joe off safely on the 11.30 pm train to Alex. On Friday morning I met Alan Soul late of Dorrigo & 2 of his

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