Item 03: Gordon Macrae diary, 20 January 1917-18 April 1918 - Page 40

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May 1917
attacked near Gaza but were repulsed. There was a fair bit of gun fire, especially early in the morning. In the afternoon we took 2 pack horses & got in firewood. Had to dig in the roof of a house to get the rafters & beams. The fleas were numerous. We voted today. Commonwealth Elections.

Thursday 3rd
Went with 40 men road making across the Wadi Ghuzze We put in a solid days work & started back for camp at 4.30 pm. Had a bath at the water hole on the way back. Throughout the night there was an intense bombardment at Gaza

Friday 4th
An enemy plane came over twice & dropped bombs. Our anti guns gave him a warm time. They had a perfect line but were a little low. Gun fire was constant all the morning. The day was very dusty but not very hot. Enemy planes raided Belah Hospital 23 casualties

Saturday 5th
Took a party & some pack horses, pulled the roof of a Bedouin house & got some firewood. At night our planes as a reprisal raided the Turks.

Sunday 6th
B Troop was sent out early & we put the best part of the day erecting Barb wire. We got back at 3.30 & had to leave again at 4.30 pm. 3 Brigades

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