Item 03: Gordon Macrae diary, 20 January 1917-18 April 1918 - Page 101

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February 1918
All the Australian papers are there & you can play cards at one of the many little tables if you please. It is a good idea & keeps a good number of the fellows in. An Australian soldiers club has been started close to our quarters & you can buy most of the necessary wants there at a reasonable rate.
I went to the Races on Saturday afternoon with SQMS Halloran There was a great crowd there & we had a good afternoons sport. One meets so many people there, military & others. It is really the only day of the week. On Sunday Long & self went out to Briggs & stayed for afternoon tea & supper. A Major Yuill was there of the AAMC & a Mr Ayres a local resident. Major Yuill has just returned from England where he was married. I met him just before he went to England at the Briggs.

Monday 18th
Had a letter from Meg this morning. She had

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