Item 04: James I. Marshall diary, 24 November-12 December 1916 - Page 77

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We were all glad to get into the smooth Southampton Water and gladder still to get off the filthy boat reeking boat.

You can be sure that the tea & sandwiches were rushed as soon as we lined up in the station shed. Then we got into the train to go to the camp for organisation etc. Never have I had a journey run so smoothly as that from Charleroi to England. The sea experiences being the one bad blemish, but still they were to be expected.

On a bright sunny morning, then, we arrived at Littlemoor Camp, and that sunshine made all the difference. Besides auguring so well for our stay in Blighty, it was the promise of the sunshine to come in dear old Aussie.

The camp too was comfortable beyond all expectations. Beds to sleep on, and the huts not crowded. Hot baths, and other such conveniences that mean so much.

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