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falls on the Quota Adjutant. On the completion of Group Roll he is handed a copy which is generally the night previous to the parade and by the appointed time appearing in Group orders he must have his men ready to file through the hut in strict order of the roll. By this method each man gives his name to the checking NCO, passes on the M.O.and the whole parade does not last more than perhaps an hour. As is generally the case casualities occur even from this roll and in consequence No 8 must be drawn on again. The method of placing a number of names extra upon the roll to allow for this was proved to be unsuccessful as the men having been notified to be on the parade naturally expected to be embarking and there was trouble when the casualities did not cover the extra names.

At the conclusion of this parade, all casualty adjustments having been made the rolls should be complete in every detail and by the first available train, three copies in Roneo and one in type are despatched to "Demobaust", 20 Belgrave Square, London. The fact to be kept in view is that date of delivery in London must leave seven clear days before advised date of sailing of transport. As soon as possible five copies are rendered to the Group Pay Office for the purposes of Boat Pay and two to the Group Clothing store for the purpose of compiling the A.I.F. Forms Q.1.for men embarking in Boat Roll order, (the Quota brings all documents from France and in the case of the Q. 1. Forms they are handed to the group Quartermaster on the occasion of the issue of new clothing prior to proceeding on embarkation leave.) It will here be noted that eleven of the thirty five copies are already disposed of and by the next day's despatch three are sent to

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