Archibald Kerr Jamieson letter diary, 2 April-20 May 1915 - Page 8

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live, but it didn't seem to trouble him. He turned to the chap next to him who luckily was one of our mates & shook hands with him. His last words were remember me to the other boys & get my cigarettes out of my pack. With that he fell dead. So ended the life of a good Soldier & a fine pal. Of the Four of us that left Singleton together I am the only one remaining. I wonder if I shall ever get back.

By Monday night the strain was beginning to tell. No sleep & hardly any food does not tend to strengthen one's nerves, but there was nothing to do but stick it. On Wednesday night after 4 days solid fighting we were relieved by the Naval Division, but although we now had a choice to have a good sleep, I found it impossible to do so, my nerves were all on the jump & every little while I would wake with a start; nor was I the only one, fully 80 per cent of the men were the same. Well Bertha I am afraid I will have to close as time is short to catch the mail. So I will say good-bye for the present, with my very best wishes to all Goorangoola friends.

I remain
Sincerely Yours
Arch. K. Jamieson

P.S. Please excuse the envelope, but the others are all to small.

[Transcribed by Judy Gimbert for the State Library of New South Wales]

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