Archibald Kerr Jamieson letter diary, 2 April-20 May 1915 - Page 3

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I couldn't find out the name.

Tuesday 8th, Sea Calm, Islands on both sides, our present destination Lemnos Island in sight. We arrived in Mudros Bay at 10.30 a.m. Beautifull place the green hills & fields very pretty after 4 months of desert. The inhabitants of Lemnos are mostly Greek, but there are 500 Turks on the other side of island under guard, the third Brigade have been here 5 weeks. There are a lot of Battleships here, among them being the H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth, H.M.S. Queen, London, Doris, Triumph, & Swiftsure, & several Destroyers. There is one big church with two domes & dozens of quaint old windmills to be seen on shore also a big French Camp.

Friday 9th, Laid in Harbour all day. Ships are concentrating here. Lovely day would like to get ashore, 200 rounds of ammunition per man served out today.

Saturday-nil-Sunday 11th, Nice day. Church Parade. Captain Sampson gave us a fine display of Flying today in a Hydro-plane for over 2 hours.

Wednesday 14th, Landed in Ships, boats under Naval control, disembarked 10 a.m. Carried out Landing & manouvers in conjunction thereto, passed through fields of red poppies & other fields of white daisies, struck me as peculiar that they didn't grow together. From there we passed on to the grassy hills, it was lovely to feel the grass underfoot again. The people were friendly. We returned to the ship 9 p.m.

Friday 16th, Ashore again today. Landed at 10.30 a.m. & laid in the grass all day. We had great fun with the inhabitants, returned to Derfflinger 4.30 p.m.

Saturday 17th, Several Transports with N. Zealanders arrived today.

Sunday 18th, Church Parade. Capt. Sampson gave us another display of flying.

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