Archibald Kerr Jamieson letter diary, 2 April-20 May 1915 - Page 2

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The Doctor immediately sent me off to the Hospital ship & we left for Alexandria next day. But I have the satisfaction of being able to say that I put in the first week at Gallipoli & it was in that week that the fun happened. I was there right from the start, landing early on Sunday the 25th April, the day that will long live in the History of Australia & indeed of the world. I was keeping a diary of our trip from Alexandria but after landing there was no time for entrys, not that they are necessary for what I went through that week I will remember all my life, without the aid of a dairy [diary], but as our voyage may interest you I will give you some extracts from the voyage of H.M.T. Derfflinger from Alexandria, Egypt to Gallipoli.

On Friday August 2nd (Good Friday) we received 36 hours notice to embark for an unknown destination.

Saturday 3rd, we left Mena Camp at 10.30 p.m. and foot slogged to Cairo with full pack up arriving there at 1.30 a.m.

Sunday 4th, entrained at Cairo 4 a.m., arrived at Alexandria 11.30 a.m. Embarked on H.M.T. Derfflinger A.10 a captured German Mail boat.

Monday 5th, loading Biscuits ammunition & the hundred & one things necessary for an army. Sailed at 8 p.m. for our destination still unknown.

Tuesday 6th, well out to sea, weather rough, many sick, 2,500 men on board, terribly cramped.

Wednesday 7th, sea calmer, men getting about again passing through Grecian Archipelligo, beautiful sight. On one of the islands there was a city buildt on top of a big hill, all the buildings were white.

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