Giles papers, 9 May 1914-13 May 1919 / Arthur Clyde Giles - Page 13

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H.M.N.Z.T. No3
Wellington N.Z.

Dear Father
No need to say I was very pleased at receiving your letter the other morning. Can't make out how it is you havent heard from me. I have written two other times since arrival here. Addressed to the office. There is still no news as to when we are to sail. Waiting on the convoy yet. The papers stated tonight we are likely to be here a couple of weeks yet. I hope not I am sick of being here it is deadly. We are laying out in the stream now. Have to go ashore in one of the ships boats. Rather a wet trip if there is any wind as it gets a bit choppy. I am sorry to hear May is too well. I had a letter from Cobbora just after we arrived here. Aunty said she had written May but hadent heard from her. Aunty said she would like to hear from her. Well the busy time is over

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