Giles papers, 9 May 1914-13 May 1919 / Arthur Clyde Giles - Page 254

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pretty rotten. I haven't heard from Bert so far to say whether he received the photo I sent him I hope he gets it safely. Have been having a royal time lately with parcels there are three of us share parcels. We come to the Canteen at night about nine buy a cup of cocoa &amp: have supper oh we have lived like fighting cocks the last fortnight. It sounds strange to want food here but really one couldent do on the ration we are allowed now. Then the canteens are restricted to selling only from half past six at night to nine &amp: only one pie or 2 oz's of cake is allowed to each one. Needless to say there are all kinds of scemes worked to get extra. I had a couple of letters from Aunt Nell lately she said all had been ill with colds. But were all about again at the time of writing &amp: that Gran was keeping very well. I couldent help smiling at the piece in your letter where that young fellow said he would have like to have seen more of France. I think he should consult a specialist. If he would like to return he is the first I have struck. He evidently hasint seen much of the fighting across there. I don't mind going back a bit because I know I have to go &amp: so just make the best of a bad job but if I were in Australia well I would take some getting out again.

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