Giles papers, 9 May 1914-13 May 1919 / Arthur Clyde Giles - Page 245

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Thanks very much for sending me that money Father. Yes I shall be abel to settle my debts when I return. There must be well over £ 100 in the bank now. I don't know why the Bank wouldent transfer the money across they could very easily have give the Comonwealth a copy of my signature. I don't think I shall need to trouble you again for some time as I dident touch it. Have left it in the Bank until I get more leave shall be abel to go &amp: draw it as I want it then you dident say whose photo it was you received mine or Bert's I have sent you two altogether now one taken in France &amp: the other after coming from Hsptl here. I hope Haining calls to see you he can give you all the information you want can explain a good deal that it would take pages to explain &amp: not satisfactory then Re how I came to loose my stripes after Poziers. Well the man that treated us both so dirty has met his deserts I am pleased to say got a shell all to himself &amp: they are still looking for a piece large enough to identify If I can get transfer shall have to start over again but hope to get a fairer deal this time It wasint the cash part I minded so much but when one practically wins a thing you place a higher value than if it was just given you in your turn kind of business

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