Giles papers, 9 May 1914-13 May 1919 / Arthur Clyde Giles - Page 295

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Dear Father
Have just received another Aust mail &amp: as usual I have received a fair share. Had a letter from Louie saying Uncle Will Brewster had died. Oh well it is for the best I suppose it wasent much comfort to see him gradually getting worse. Louie said the end came very suddenly that was a good thing. Aunt Florrie will be very upset that is only to be expected. I haven't written her as there isent anything one can say that would relieve her & it takes such a time for a letter to get across it would only be adding to her trouble. I also received a letter from a Mrs Belchambers saying she had called on you & left a photo with you for me. One of Ted Belchambers photoes. I am glad she dident send it across here as I may not have reached me or I should have lost it now it will be there when I get back. Well the war news is very good at present isent it It shouldn't be long now before Germany throws in the towl she cant hold on too long now she is on her own. I went to a Memorial service a couple of days ago for those that have fallen during the war. The Arch Bishop of Amiens held the service assisted by one of our Brigade Chaplains. The Arch Bishops address was in French

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