Giles papers, 9 May 1914-13 May 1919 / Arthur Clyde Giles - Page 285

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coming back they must have been waiting for the barrage &amp: then gave themselves up before the attack got properly started. It is a very fine sight I can tell you to see the Artillery open then the different coloured lights Fritz puts up distress signals of all colours &amp: shapes there is no doubt he is an artist at peak flares. He lights his own front up &amp: ours also with his flares we don't need flares at all. I managed to get a few souveniers this time have done them up &amp: posted them to Father today. I hope he received it safely.One book of views taken behind the German lines is very good.I got it in an officers pack of coarse all dugouts etc are searched in an advance for souviniers. We are out of it all at present having a spell. Have a very good camping ground near a good water supply the troops can have as much swimming as they wish. Unfortunately I cant swim so have to be content with a bit of a dip. There is no doubt the Germens know how to look after themselves as regards quarters. Their dug outs are usually fitted up with chairs tables &amp: looking glasses taken from the French houses. Well Roy old chap there is very little to write about so shall have to close will have to do better next time. This is the first letter I have had from you for months. No more just now
Love &amp: the best wishes to you all
Your sincere Brother Clyde

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