Giles papers, 9 May 1914-13 May 1919 / Arthur Clyde Giles - Page 277

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Yes I had a letter from Roy a few days ago.Of coarse the letter was all about their boy &amp: the wonder he is. I dare say that there will be a great rivalry between the two now as to who is the finer boy of the two. I should have to be careful not to show favour to one more than the other when I come back or the fat will be in the fire. So you have your doubts as to tell either of the Gransons can compete with your crowd. Well all I have to say is if they [indecipherable] as good fathers lost their sons as we have had well they shall be alright. Roy said as Les has called his boy after me [indecipherable] to be [indecipherable] now in earnest as it is essential there should be a distinction. So I suppose I shall just have to take it &amp: say nothing.
You say I havent told you how I manage about talking French well I cant manage at all I know as much French now as when I just came here. It is wondyful how you can make yourself understood if you are hungry or dry. You know the old saying actions speak more than words. I think that is the motto across here. I am sorry to hear Uncle Will isint improving. Aunt Florrie must be having rather an anxious time of it. Aunt Jen said in her last letter they hadint seen anything of you for ages. I am afraid you are not too good at the Visiting. Harry Cross is still in England &amp: their isent any word of his being sent back. Oh well good luck to him. It is certainly much better where he is than here especially with the winter coming on. It would take a

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