Item 01: Walter Lawry Waterhouse diary, 15 January-27 March 1916 - Page 26

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In addition to planting this renowned grove of trees, very little apart from clearing the vegetation somewhat obscuring the scenery on the harbour side has been done by the authorities, so that the park is practically in its natural state, the forest flora being rather stunted gums (rough bark) banksias (2 distinct kinds) & a few acacias & she oaks. There was a rough undergrowth of coarse rushes, smoke-bush & a wiry grass, but in the spring they say the wild flowers are simply glorious.

The park must contain some couple of hundred acres: on the harbour side the slope is steep, but it slopes gradually away northwards. The road we followed was in perfect order & well graded. At the "Kiosk" we stopped & got to admire the view, which at this point was simply glorious. We were facing south. Away on the left below us was the city of Perth with its irregular streets (unlike Melbourne) & varied buildings.

Along the waterfront were dozens of yachts & sailing boats at anchor, the shore-line further round being indented by the Swan R. which runs into the miniature Sydney Harbour at this point. Between this & South Perth was a stretch of wooded land, all this country being flat delta country apparently. South Perth seemed closely populated, & is reached by a ferry from the city: it extended round to the right as far as the Gunning R. which runs in at this spot, winding among what looked like a mangrove swamp. Right away

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