Item 01: Walter Lawry Waterhouse diary, 15 January-27 March 1916 - Page 13

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A bright clear morning, later turning to a hot day.

When we woke the ship was nearing the wharf at Port Adelaide, & about 6.30 she was alongside. I had been warned for guard, - rather hard luck after having had it at Melbourne too, - & instead of doing physical drill before breakfast had to see about getting the guard of artillerymen together. The sergeant-major in charge was a very good man named Verso: later on when talking to him at night when the day's work was finished I found that he is an old S.H.S. [Sydney High School] boy who was at the school in Leo's time. His father is Canon Verso of Berrigan.

There was not much of a view at Port Adelaide. Away from the wharf & break-water there stretches a level tract of sandy country for 3 or 4 miles, the only buildings close by being Railway Stn, Post Office, & Refreshment Rooms. Away in the distance could be seen some buildings which I believe represented Largs, & beyond these again were the mountains. As at Port Melbourne the railway line comes right down to the wharf so that goods can be shipped straight from the trucks to the vessels' hold.

The colonel had arranged for the men to be marched ashore by the officers & to then have cricket, football, etc. there was some confusion, evidently, about these orders for men going ashore independently when I took over duty. Everyone was to be back on board by 12.30, the sailing notice stating that we were to sail at 1 p.m. My guard mounted at 9 o'c

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