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Saturday 4 March 1916

A rather cloudy day not so summery as last 2 days. Helping with company work during the morning, & after lunch went in to Pension Wales to find Oll up & ever so much better. Went out for a stroll together & got a few more street snaps afterwards having afternoon tea at Groppi's.

Home for 6 o'c mess & afterwards developed 4 rolls of films that I had on hand.

Sunday 5 March 1916

A beautiful day. No parade before breakfast.

At 9.15 church parade for "Other Denominations" conducted by Rev Finigan who spoke on "Christian Soldiers". There was quite a fair-sized parade making one wonder whether some of the men did not to this, the 1st parade so as to get away the earlier into Cairo: attendance at one of the parades is compulsory for all.

At 10 o'c the C. of E. parade was held & I went to this as well & was very glad afterwards for it was a splendid service. Capt Maxxed spoke about the significance of Lent & was fine, carrying the men with him all the time. There was a good spiritual tone about his talk & he seemed much more manly than the previous speaker, & more powerful.

Over & over I have longed to be in the unit Rid is attached to, & feel sure that he will do great work with the Artillery.

After midday dinner went straight to Pension Wales & found Oll practically herself. Together we went out for a stroll thro' some of the Cairo streets, Oll taking me to see where the Museum is situated, & then had afternoon tea.

Returned to camp for 6 o'c mess & spent evening at letters.

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