Item 06: Frank Valentine Weir diary excerpts, letters and news clippings, 24 June 1915-1 August 1918 - Page 28

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Sent back a fatigue party for the cases (& found the whisky had been stolen & 2 men raving drunk). All that day we were preparing for the following days battle. I came over just in time – was given C Troup of B Squadron as they had no officer.
At 5.30 pm on the 6th the Naval guns opened with 14" shells from Dreadnoughts & 15" from some Monitors. Aeroplanes flew over us. The Sketch of the trenches I was to charge was taken off some photos taken by our Aeroplanes.
In addition to rifles my men carried a Pick & shovel alternately – I carried a Periscope, Revolver, Glasses & Waterbottle – We did not move till 3.30 am Saturday morning [indecipherable] On the evening of the 6th I watched

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