Item 06: Frank Valentine Weir diary excerpts, letters and news clippings, 24 June 1915-1 August 1918 - Page 143

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August 3rd 1916
The Monitor sea is a great help, she sends a 2,000 lb shell, lovely to listen to, sailing through the air and landing with a crunch, clouds of dust etc – We have been watching the Turks now, night & day for two months & no prospect of being relieved for a bit, they are getting closer – I am keeping a day's field messages, which will show you our work but I dare not post it – It is one of my first jobs on returning to bivouacs, to notify Brigade H Quarters, if our losses, which are fortunately slight –
August 4th 5th see Diary
August 6th
A camel cacolet is like a baby's perambulator, with a little hood – I thought I was right but the girth slipped & broke & I was emptied out, so the M.O. sent me to Rail head in a sand cart. – Before arriving at the Field Ambulance I was put on a table given a dose of ether a bit of shell taken out, bandaged up, given a whisky, a cup of Bovril & started for the Hospital – sent on in a goods train to the Canal, then Red X train, great luxury - & tinned rabbit – Australian at that – Landed here No 3 AG Hospital Abbassia once more – lungs a bit sore but soon all right –

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