Item 06: Frank Valentine Weir diary excerpts, letters and news clippings, 24 June 1915-1 August 1918 - Page 173

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July 5th
President of 3 Court Martials today- Very hot too
Was out last night moving again under shell fire. All ranks will be glad to get out of the valley
July 6
Out on a wiring party again & finished the job
July 7th
Blood tests taken for Malaria this morning Mostly Indians & Australians in the Valley, not considered fit for "[indecipherable] – Horses still well but Dopey" – Gas drill
again, all usual duties of a mounted unit, means more work for men than infantry – Been issued with steel helmets again, too hot to handle
July 8th
We have been warned to expect an attack today but it did not come off, only an enemy plane or two – still a good many partridges around here notwithstanding the shelling - they do drink whatever the "Field" may say about home birds – Blood tests are easily taken, prick top of finger & smear a slide –
Pages 176 to 184
Commencing on 24 April 1915 are a series of envelopes from Lieut Weir 1st
LH AIF addressed to Mrs Weir "Bronte" Deniliquin NSW.
9th & 10th See notes
11th & 12 Censored
13 – 14 See notes up to 26th Censored 28th 29th Censored see Diary
27 Censored
July 30th Meteorological report week ending July 13th 1918
True shades – 110 – 110 – 117 – 5 – 116 – 110 -107 .3 [indecipherable] so we had no work
31st See Diary
1st August "

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