Item 02: Charles Hargreaves diary, 6 February 1916-23 March 1918 - Page 42

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the 4th Div Train joined up with us one morning on our Daily Routine just to pick up the work. One of their smart new Corporals rode up to the waggon of one of our old 1st E.F. Drivers & told him to fold his waggon cover neatly – The latter just looked down & said "Get to [dash] H[dash]" "We are not a [dash] sideshow We are the 1st Division" Exit the officious corporal.

July 12 (Wednesday)
On Monday we broke camp at 9 a.m. & trekked to near Bailleul where we parked up in a field at 2 pm halted for the rest of the day & on Tuesday morning Reveille at 1 a.m

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