Item 02: Charles Hargreaves diary, 6 February 1916-23 March 1918 - Page 37

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Borealis. Corlette was back at Strazeele 8 miles in the rear with his waggon & says there are big bodies of cavalry now billetted there waiting for a chance which I hope they'll get.

July 3/16 Monday
On Saturday afternoon 'Scottie' (N.R. Scott) look me up he had just come out the day before from 2 months in the trenches. He was my great pal at John Sands Ltd in Sydney & this is the first time we have met since I left Australia, although we have been chasing each other for the last 12 months ever since he arr We celebrated the "meet" by an extempore supper at the nearest 'Estaminet'

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