Item 02: Charles Hargreaves diary, 6 February 1916-23 March 1918 - Page 12

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village well to the front yet pretending to be very shy – of course we told them all we'd come back to see them again "apres la guerre".

The old country women came along to give us buns fruit etc; one old woman seemed to take a fancy to me & gave me a couple of apples do I asked her if she would like some biscuits (army Variety) She said "Oui M'sr". So gave her some & she tried to bit one – She made an awful face at it, then grinned & opened her mouth to show me – she'd only 2 teeth all told & they didn't coincide.

It was nightime when we skirted round Paris passing Versailles just at daylight We reached Abbeville at 4 p.m &

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