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gone to Harefield Park by Invitation" but as I had not seen a picture gallery it was a toss up between the two. The toss fell to the pictures. On the way we come to Mansion House the Lord Mayors at present Sir Charles Johnsons. This house faces the busiest corner in London where 8 to 10 thousand vehicles pass in an hour – can you imagine it? Mr Powell investigates & finds we can see over the House – everything is beautiful – the picture – tapestry work banners banquet Hall & All the plate most handsome. Going on & being near the Guild Hall, we enter. In this Hall all the famous speeches are given. Here there is another grand memorial to the Duke of Wellington. This building was spoken of in Edward the Confessor's Time and was one way from there to the National Gallery we pass Bon Church Cheapside – Milton was christened here & twas the peals from these bells that brought Dick Wittington back – when he thought they were calling "Turn again Wittington Lord Mayor of London. The pictures in the Gallery I thoroughly enjoyed & especially the Misty Sunset ones of Turners. The rustic Scenery of Gainsboroughs. Landseer's animal pictures John Constables clouds – Joshua Reynolds & others. We finished up the evening by having a delicious Tea at the Strand. Then on to The Palace Theatre to a good passing show – I must tell you this tit-bit. One man was giving reveries under the Clock. Australia had to have her bit – he says – Yes Australians, you give them an inch – and – they – take the -- Dardanelles.

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