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London was to be done that afternoon. So going on we see St Margaret's Church where the fashionable weddings take place. The Houses of Parliament by the river Thames – Then waiting for the bus we look at Cleopatra's Needle – Twas so interesting, it's a huge Obelisk – placed beside the river as a memorial of Nelson and Abercrombie. It was presented to the British Nation by the Viceroy of Egypt in 1819. It had been for centuries lying on the sands of Alexandria – and when being brought over in an iron cylinder- went down during a storm in the Bay of Biscay & lay at the bottom of the sea until recovered by John Dixon in the reign of Q. Victoria 1878. Arriving at the Tower & being in uniform we were allowed in 7 shown over free – others paid 1/6. The Yeomen of the Guards take care of this Tower with its precious contents. They are huge men in bright uniform and retired Soldiers who have done 21 years of Meritorious Service, Twould be impossible to take you to this old historic place. First we visited the Bloody Tower where the dreadful Tragedies were committed. The Murdered Princes room etc. next to see was the room where the State jewels are on view – they are too beyond description – the Crown – Sword – plates etc. We saw what is called the 2 Stars of Africa. One in the Imperial State Crown of K. George V & above it the ruby given to Edward the Black Prince by the King of Castile 1367. The other diamond is in the sword. These two diamonds "originally one" is the largest ever found in the world – in its single state it was valued at ¾ of a

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